Jenn Wiemann Photography

In college I used to nanny to make a little extra money in between studying.  A girl posted an ad on facebook and I responded only to find out this girl's mother had went to high school and was good friends with my mother.  What seemed like just a side job at the time turned into one of those relationships you know God led you to.  The kids became my best friends, and their previous nanny Jenn became a good friend.

From the day I met Jenn I thought she was a sweet girl, but little did I know what a big part of my life she would become.  As our friendship developed over the years we both went through a lot of life changes.  I got married and moved to Atlanta.  She met the man of her dreams and together we planned her the most perfect picnic wedding I've ever seen.  I started a photography business and she got pregnant with her first child.

During her maternity shoot we began talking a lot about photography and I showed her a few techniques for her to try with her new camera.  Those few techniques have led her on a photography journey of her own and she is now running her own business and being a busy mom at the same time!  It's so awesome to have this love for taking photos in common.  I could not have been more excited than I was when she told me she wanted to come to Atlanta and visit me!!  It has been such a great week, full of friendship, love, and wedding photos.  I am so lucky to have her in my life.  I hope you will all take the time to check out and follow her journey as she learns more and more about this wonderful business.

Jenn Wiemann Photography

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  1. Whitney! How is wonderful in your picture ! Love it so much <3.


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