For Photographers: Jasmine Star on CreativeLive

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend a free workshop with one of my favorite wedding photographers.  I have looked up to Jasmine Star for years.  She is the most amazing, empowering woman, and her business is booming after just a few short years.  

Like me, she started her photography career with very little knowledge on the subject.  When I bought my first camera, I didn't know what F-Stop or Shutter Speed was.  I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew I wanted to learn.  And learn I did...but I still have a long ways to go, and there are days when I feel discouraged and this isn't going to happen.  

 There were 10 things I got from the workshop with J*.

10.  Fail at something you love, rather than succeed at something you hate.

Yes, finally, some encouragement.  I would much rather fail at doing something I love and be happy than be successful at something I absolutely can not stand.  Wouldn't all of us?  I think it is so important that we all have dreams and that we believe that with hard work those dreams are possible.  What would the point of life be without dreams?

9. Practice makes perfect, so photograph anything....from an orange tree in your back yard, to your significant other.

You're not going to become good at this dream without practice.  If you want'll get out there and do it!  Take pictures of EVERYTHING you can.  Your dog, your kids, your husband, your car, your garden, the neighbors cat, blades of grass in your yard...anything you can get your hands on.  Take pictures of it...over and over and over until you get it right.

8.  Join an online forum...and talk back...put yourself out there and create a community.

I can't stress enough how important it is to create a community of support for yourself.  Networking is EVERYTHING in this industry and the more people you have on your side, the farther you are going to take this photography thing.  Jasmine joined an online forum and met three fellow photographers that needed help getting started just like her.  So...what did they do...they made a pack to book up each others year.  They referred their clients to each other until there calendars were full.  All because she put herself out there.  You need support.  Like it or get out there.
7.  Your photos express you and how you feel...previsualize.

What is it that you want to express with your photography?  What is your style.  Find it and hold on tight.  It will define you and your business.
6.  Read "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield.

5.  Do not talk about "you" at a client about them.

Clients don't want to hear every detail of your life.  They are paying you for an experience.  Get to know them.  If it's a wedding, ask about their relationship.  How did they meet?  How did she know he was the one?  How did he propose?  What is there vision for their wedding day?  These things will help you establish rapport with your clients, and will help them to trust you.
4.  Your photos are the first experience the guests and Bride will turn around!

The faster you can deliver a preview of your images the better.  You want to show them when the event is still fresh in the clients head!  That way, you'll provoke the most emotions.

3.  Web shows -- word of mouth -- sneak peak = new friends and new clients.

Create amazing presentations using slideshows and video.  When you set your pictures to music, they create and emotional connection with others.  Then, put them on facebook...tweet what you have to do to get them out there because the more people see them, the most new clients you'll have and the more people will add you to their social media outlets equaling even more exposure for you!
2.  Make your blog and website work together.

I had a hard time with this.  It took me months to figure out how I wanted to do this, but now that I have, I love it.  Find yourself a style.  What do you want clients to see when they look at your site.  I designed my logo, website, and blog around my love for vintage and thrift stores.  What will yours be?
1.  "ME" (capitalize on it)

Put yourself out there.  Be raw.  Blog about your life.  Blog about your struggles.  Tweet about your day.  Post pictures of yourself being real...doing real people you.  Because you're great.

Show everyone.


  1. Thanks so much for summing this up! I love looking at your images too. This particular shoot that you included reminds me that a good photographer can make any location look amazing! I think I love that this is just a tree any old tree yet you made it look whimsical and like a storybook romance!

  2. Love--LOVE-- that last photo!! Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to what the future has in store!!

  3. Thank you so much guys...and are my inspiration. Seriously. Keep being you...because you're helping so many of us feel good about ourselves...and I'm loving the sweater Polo is rocking today.


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