Tram+Wittia: The Wedding (Atlanta Wedding Photographer)

Once in a while a wedding comes along that not only wows makes you see things in a totally different light.  This was that wedding.  From the dress to the location, bride Tram made sure this wedding fit every aspect of her personality.  Working for months on end, Tram managed to hand design and craft almost every detail, matching them together with such perfection you could only step back and say... Wow.

At one moment during the day, I was standing at the back of the ceremony site watching my amazingly talented friend Theary make the family images.  Suddenly the guitarist started playing Jason Mraz and tiny leaves and flower petals began cascading through the air from the trees overhead.  This family moment that had once been a normal portrait session had been transformed into something more.  It was like magic, and I felt tears pooling around my eyelids.  Embarrassing I know!  Crying before the I Do's are even said.

Here it is.  Tram and Wittia's beautiful back yard wedding day.  Enjoy!

Dresses: Priscilla of Boston, Melissa Sweet
Tuxedos: Hugo Boss
Flowers: Whole Blossoms
Main Photographer: Theary Meak
Videographers: Corey & Steve of Knot For Real
Reception Venue: Canton House
DJ: Johnny Le


  1. Awesome wedding! You really found some amazing light for the bridal portraits!

  2. Beautiful Job Whitney! To the couple, love all the details!

  3. did she make all those hangers?!? we're looking forward to July!!!

    1. She did make all those hangers! Crazy cool huh! We can't wait either!!!!

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