Gabrielle+Quinton (Atlanta Wedding Photography)

Teamwork is important in almost every aspect of our lives.  You might consider photography to be a solo thing, but without the support of your clients and second shooters, it can feel rather lonely.

I recently shot a wedding with Debra of  Remember them, the awesome photography company I did an internship for a while back.  Yeah, I love them.  And I love Debra.

This was the first time we'd worked together, and we just clicked from the moment I arrived.  It reminded me of how much better it is to photograph weddings with other talented people.  You make more magic when you work together.

To check out her version of Gabrielle and Quinton's love story, check out her blog at

I feel so blessed to have such an awesome network of talented people.  Thanks to Gabrielle and Quinton as well for sharing their love with us and letting us capture it through our images.

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  1. Wow These are awesome Whitney! You really have a great eye and ability to capture moments, your photos are fresh and exciting.

    You + Me = most awesome wedding team evar!



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