Valentine's Day isn't just for Lovers.

With the big V-day approaching I got to thinking about love and what it means.  When most people think of love, they think of two people in love.  A relationship.  Then I started thinking...Does a relationship always have to be about two people?

Could it just be a love for yourself?  For your beauty?  For your brains? For your wit?

This Valentine's day, we'd like to offer you the gift of loving yourself.  Of feeling beautiful.  Of pride in yourself...and of your worth.

Sign up for a Boudoir shoot and Makeover.  I am teaming up with Theary extremely talented photographer and dear friend, as well as BeautyBott and La Coco Rouge to bring you a stunning session that focuses on you.  You will leave feeling more confident than you've ever felt.  Please don't be intimidated...we aren't talking about some a Maxim Magazine shoot. We are talking about art. We are talking about a session that will showcase your beauty.  For you.  We have two dates available with 8 times slots each.  The first will take place on January 16th at a condo in downtown Atlanta.

Available Slots:

9 a.m.  Reserved
10 a.m. Reserved
11 a.m. Reserved
12 p.m. Reserved
1 p.m.  Reserved
2 p.m.  Reserved
3 p.m. Open
4 p.m. Reserved

The second will take place at a vintage bed and breakfast on February 12th.

9 a.m. Open
10 a.m.  Reserved
11 a.m.  Reserved
12 p.m.  Reserved
1 p.m.  Open
2 p.m.  Reserved
3 p.m.  Reserved
4 p.m.  Reserved

All sessions will be posted on a private blog for select female viewers only.  You will receive a disc of edited images as well as the option to purchase prints or an album.  Champagne and light snakes will be served as well.

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Theary Meak Photography:
La Coco Rouge:

To sign up email me at and reserve your time!!


  1. Hi Whitney,

    I sent an email regarding your last slot for the 16th. I would love to fill it.
    Thank you!

    Warm regards,
    Tiffany Nguyen


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