The White Dress in Your Closet (Atlanta Ga Trash the Dress Photographer)

There is a white dress in your closet.

It's most likely sealed tightly in a box.

Never to see the light of day again.

You look at your wedding pictures and smile, remembering the dress you wore for that ONE special day.

If only you could get more out of it...especially considering the money you paid for it.

Well, guess what brides and future can do more than just wear your dress for one day.  You can capture yourself wearing it in fun and artistic images that we will create together!  That's right.  We are now offering Trash the Dress session for just $150!!  So open that box, give that dress a day out in the sun and take home some beautiful images as well.  Email us today for more information.


  1. These are fabulous I love trash the dress sessions! I love the one where she is leaning forward in the water. It has a sultriness to it!!! LOVE!

  2. Man!! Amazing work, I wanna shoot trash the dress someday.


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