The Hespe Family Take 2

Once in a while you meet people that touch your life in a way you never expected. I met this family 4 years ago after responding to an ad on Facebook for a nanny position in Lincoln, Ne. I was a nanny for these beautiful kids for 2 years before I moved to Atlanta and I miss them every single day. They inspire me to be better. They are like little balls of light that bring joy to your day and I love them. It's so wonderful to be able to take pictures of them every time I return home so I can still see them grow up. Be careful Natasha, I just might kidnap them and bring them home with me :). Just kidding. Enjoy :).


  1. Love the one of the little girl in the barn! Such a sweet image.

  2. Love these shoot! I love the rustic backdrop and the kids are super cute!

  3. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job! We love you!


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