The Beauty of a First Look

When couples email me to ask if I am available for their wedding date, I always send them a few questions so I can get to know them better.  One of these questions is always, "Äre you interested in a first look?"

Most of the time the response to this question is either "We are unsure" or "I'm not sure what a first look is?" The reason I ask is because I LOVE IT and I think you will too!  I want to make sure my couples make an informed decision and don't miss out on the beautifully intimate experience that is seeing each other for the first time and having it captured by their wedding photographer.
We just want you to know, that doing a first look won't mess up that special moment when you walk down the isle.  In fact, we have never had a bride or groom not feel butterflies in their stomachs right before the music starts for the ceremony to begin.  
As a bride myself, my husband and I understand the push and pull of everyone telling you to wait until the big moment to see each other.  Our parents thought we were crazy for opting to do a first look with our photographer.  We on the other hand loved every minute and those images are some of our favorites from the day.  They describe exactly how we felt in that moment, better than I think they would have in the church we got married in. Walking down the isle with everyone starring at me made me feel nervous and I found myself showing less emotion than I was actually feeling. Our first look on the other hand, was just about us, and isn't that what marriage is about anyway?

Now, how do we handle a first look you might be asking?  Well, we take your partner to a beautiful location to wait for you.  I always love the look of anticipation on their faces.  Once you are dresses and ready, we let you take a short walk to meet them, tap them on the shoulder, and enjoy their reaction of seeing you for the first time on your wedding day. 
Not only will you get great images of your tears and emotional embrace, but a first look also frees up time for you and your photographer to have fun and make amazing portraits together before the ceremony!  If planned far enough in advance, it also gives time to finish timeless family portraits and bridal party fun so that at the end of your ceremony, you can actually enjoy your reception!

A first look can be a wonderful thing, and we have had many couples tell us it was the best decision they made on their wedding day!  Of course, we want you to make the best decision for you!  Happy Planning!

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  1. Do a First look they are the best!


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