Jennifer+Josh (Nebraska Wedding Photographer)

I knew from the first email the Jennifer sent to me 2 short months ago that I was going to love this wedding.

She wanted a back yard picnic wedding and she wanted me to help her plan it.  Of course I jumped at the chance.  Me with my love for vintage inspired weddings and her with a love for the simpler things in life made for a delightful combination.  The dilemma...we had 2 MONTHS...and I lived 1,000 miles away.  

Lucky for us both, we have an amazing network of friends and family who were willing to donate their time...and quilts for the occasion, resulting in one of my absolute favorite wedding so far.

So here to you have folks...Jennifer and Josh, The wedding.

Check out those Pumas!
I just want to make one side note before you continue.  One of my favorite parts of a wedding is BY FAR the way a groom looks at his bride during the ceremony...and let me tell you...Josh was mesmerized by Jenn the entire time.  It was a beautiful thing.


  1. that was just great looks like it was alot of fun too ...

  2. If I ever get married I neeeeed you. Wow, you're amazing!

  3. So so beautiful! Your talent never ceases to amaze me! I cannot wait to do our engagements in September!!!!!! I hope you are having fun in Nebraska!

  4. Such an awesome wedding!! I love the last photo of the lanterns such a great idea!

  5. Awesome Wedding covered with greenary. You have truly captured the beauty of couple and nature.


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