Entertain Your Guests

When I got married, my husband and I tried to think of a fun way to remember all the guests that attended our wedding.  We thought and thought and then went to Google, (because Pinterest didn't exist yet!!) and came up with what we thought was an awesome idea.  I went to the fabric store and bought fabrics that matched our wedding colors as well as some fabric markers.  After a few hours of cutting the material into squares I admired my work and thought yes, making our guestbook into a quilt is a great idea.  Sometimes great ideas require follow through however, and my pretty squares are still sitting in a plastic bag in my closet longing for someone to sew them into their proper destiny.  If you are a bride that wants a fun guestbook too, but knows that after the wedding they probably won't take the time to follow through like yours truly, consider letting us take care of it for you!  We offer reception photobooths with custom backdrops and props by Liddabits Design Shop!  They not only keep your guests entertained, but they also provide you with the option of having us print you a beautiful book of them to remember who attended your wedding while laughing at how ridiculous they are for years to come!

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