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Happy Monday everyone!  I know for most of us... including me... Monday's are just no fun at all.  Especially ones like today that are gloomy, rainy, and a bit chilly.  The urge to crawl back into bed sometimes outweighs the need to get to work!  Don't fret!  You are not alone!  We can conquer today together.

I've recently started redesigning my website for my upcoming brides to make it easier for them to get to know me, and my prices.  I've developed a digital magazine for my website that brides can print out, or carry  with them on their smartphone or tablets.  I am quite pleased with the results, and I hope you are too!

Introducing, the 2013 Pricing Guide!  Whoo hoo!

 Now I think it's time we both got ourselves some coffee!  Have a great day :).

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