Engagement shoots...Do I need one?

Storey and Jesse are awesome.  Enough said.  There engagement shoot at Berry College was nothing short of amazing as well.  Shooting at the World's Largest College Campus and filming site of movies like Remember the Titans and Sweet Home Alabama is bound to be a lot of fun too.  With a beautiful couple and beautiful location, we were in heaven.

Engagement shoots are so important.  Here's why you should get one...

1.  Make a Connection:

You don't want to wait until your wedding day to make a connection with your wedding photographer.  You will be so much more relaxed on the most important day of your life, if you know what to expect.  An engagement session can do that.  You'll get to see how your photographer runs a shoot.  You'll get to see how your photographer works with you.  If you're not happy, you might have time to change your mind!

2.  See how great you look!

A LOT of people do not like the way they look in pictures.  Most however, haven't had them taken professionally.  A good wedding photographer knows how to make you look beautiful no matter what you think about yourself.  Because guess what...YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  Every single one of you are God's creation...and that is a beautiful thing.  An engagement shoot can bring that out.  You'll get to see that beauty first hand, which can make you feel less anxious about your wedding pictures because you'll know you'll look great!

3.  Gain confidence!

There is something empowering to being in front of the camera.  Your engagement shoot is a day that is all about YOU!  As your photographer, it is our job to make you feel like a New York run way model...which you are of course.

4. Make a Memory.

This will be a very unique experience for you and the love of your life.  It is not everyday that you get to feel like a celebrity with paparazzi following you around.  Plus, we like to make our sessions feel more like a date. You get to plan that date with us from start to finish, so it's sure to be something fun that you enjoy.  Whether we go to a park for a picnic or to a ice cream parlor for a sundae, you'll make a memory that will be captured on film.  Plus, you'll have a Facebook picture for everyday of the week :).

So, now that you really want an engagement shoot....what should you do?

Do your research.  Find a wedding photographer that fits your personality.  Whether it be someone like us, or someone completely different, you should feel confident with your choice.

Don't stress about what to wear.  Simply choose something that you feel beautiful in.  We don't mind if you wear plaids and stripes at the same time.  We just want you to feel great about yourself.  When you feel great, you look great, and that's all we want for you.

Schedule your shoot a few months out from your wedding.  That way your photographer will have time to process your images and you will have the opportunity to print some for your wedding day.  They are great to put on your guestbook table, or even to make a slideshow for your reception (which we will make for you!).

Lastly...enjoy your shoot.  It'll be fun, we promise.

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