Rainy Nights in Italy

After a long scenic train right from the Cinque Terre to Venice, I struggled a bit to find my hostel.  With very few sidewalks this place can be confusing at first glance.  Finally I decided to take the Water Taxi to the stop listed on the map.  Still not understanding the directions I stumbled upon it by accident.  

I love this Hostel.  It's a girls only hostel and therefore it is very clean, comes with a very nice bathroom, blow dryer, washing machine, comfy beds, and pretty purple paint.  I am so excited to have internet in my room again.

I wanted to spend tonight taking night pictures of the city, but it started raining and I was forced into a little pizza joint!  A whole delicious pizza and coffee later I walked through several stores selling beautiful wine stoppers made from Murano glass!  Lucky for you I bought you some!  To enter, please share my blog and make a comment!  Winners will be chosen on the 15th!  


  1. These photos are lovely! I was in Venice and Florence when I studied abroad in German in college, and I'd love to go back some day. Did you take the trip to murano to see where the glass is made?

  2. Ahhh the masks!!!! I think I could just spend hours in that shop alone!!! So beautiful!


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