Happy Friday from Firenze

It's Friday everyone!  I hope you are having a lovely morning so far!  I just finished climbing a LOT of stairs to reach the top of the Dome here in Florence.  While my legs recover, here are some images from my adventure!

On the left you have Florence's first win bar.  If you wanted to drink a glass of wine without exposure to the plague, simple put money in here and someone opens the window and hands you the wine.  On the right... a poor traveler's wine bar.  3 euro wine, plastic cup. 


  1. Beautiful, now I really know I need to go, you will have to give the list of places you stayed, I think I am just going to have to do this! Thanks for sharing.Lisa

  2. The fourth picture should be framed. I'm glad you re enjoying yourself.

  3. I spent so much time just staring at image four! What a fantastic little shop!


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