Paris By Night

After a long day at Versailles I really just wanted to eat a real meal.  One that didn't consist of bread, so I google searched cheap places to eat.  I was sooo excited when the first one popped up and was Vietnamese!  It took my three different rail lines to get there, but I have never been so happy to eat some Pho.  It was possibly the best I've tasted.

Later while I was walking along the river the see the Eiffel Tower lit up at night, a sweet couple holding hands was crossing the bridge looking blissfully happy.  I smiled at them and they announced quite loudly that they had just gotten engaged!  Immediately I yelled out "Congratulations!  I'm a wedding photographer!!"  Amused, they said "Really!  It's a sign!!" And I handed them a business card.  Maybe I'll be back here someday sooner than I thought.

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