Tu es ma joie de vivre.

Wandering the streets of Paris can make you feel very alive.  I am getting a feel for the city and how to navigate it after several days of walking.  One of my favorites of the day was the 
Pont des Arts bridge where I placed a lock for my committed love. and threw the key into the Seine River.  

There are many open air book stores on the streets of Paris.  Some really great deals if you like books!


  1. So beautiful! Springtime in Paris...what could possibly be more special than that? Janet

  2. Someone is probably making a killing selling locks near the bridge.

  3. Beautiful pictures, now you have me wanting to attempt this..Thanks enjoy the rest of your time..looking forward to seeing the rest of your pictures.Lisa

  4. One of the goals in my life is to get a key on that bridge with Brooke&Dan on it :)))


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