A walk with God.

I have felt God with me a lot on this trip.  Guiding me and showing me the way.  Today I ditched my map and let him guide the way.  I found almost everything I wanted to see.  It was amazing.  I am in love with Rome. 

Anything to make a little money.  Even if it is bouncing a soccer ball on your head.

I mean, it is Saturday.  I couldn't resist photographing a wedding!

I threw my three coins in the Trevi fountain.

I walked around a LONG time before find this 3 euro pizza of perfection.  It was designed for me.  Zucchini, Garlic, and Onion.  Heaven on a plate.

The beautiful Spanish Steps

The Pantheon left me breathless.  I starred at it for 2 solid hours in amazement.

Fresh herbs everywhere!  Smells so good!

As it began to rain, I ducked into a cafe by the Pantheon with a couple from the UK I had been chatting with.  And hour conversation later, we parted as friends.

Trying to start the Love Locks here, but it's not quite catching on :(

You don't have to pay for water in Rome.  In Paris I spend a lot of euros staying hydrated.  Here, you simple buy a bottle and fill it up all over town.  It's clean!  I promise!

A 15 walk away from my room, it started raining again.  I was asked at least 30 times if I wanted to pay 10 euros for an umbrella.  Of course I don't I thought!  But everyone around me was snatching them up.  I stood there in front of the Colosseum, held me hands in the air and smiled as the rain hit my face.  I didn't need an umbrella.  The rain on my skin was the perfect end to a perfect day.


  1. By far my favorite place to explore in the whole world!!! The wedding picture is just GORGEOUS. It looks like there is a LOT of people there but still you've managed capture everything i love about Rome.
    Thank you !!!
    Anna Leite

  2. I love that you could not resist taking a picture of the wedding!


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