A Family In LOVE (Newnan Georgia Family Photography)

One of my very favorite parts of my job is the friendships I've been able to make through photography.  Dr. Carey was my teacher at Atlanta Christian College and she taught me many great things about how to be successful.  She is a very inspirational person in my life and I am so thrilled to be about to watch her family grow up.

It seems like yesterday we were freezing our butts off at the Christmas tree farm last year.  Now three shoots later, her kids are getting taller and learning to spell their names and count to 10 and draw amazing pictures of space shuttles.  I love this family and can't wait to capture their lives for years to come.


  1. What a great idea with the LOVE letters!

  2. Whitney, Awesome. I often see love in family photos, but this is an awesome idea. I love the letters. The leaves are great too. Everyone is having such a great time! Thanks!

  3. Holly is my niece...her, Warren, Aidan, and Cameron are embedded in my heart and I love them so much!! What awesome photos of a beautiful family! I'll be glad to share your work with my staff and co-workers.


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