Conquering the Yard

Once upon a time there was a young couple who bought their first  home.  It was like living in a jungle for the longest time but the patient husband, always waiting for the best deal, scoured craigslist for the perfect chainsaw.

His impatient wife attempted several times to cut down the forest herself with an ax she bought at home depot...but after hours of hacking and sweat rolling down her face...gave up, had a glass of wine, and waited for the day when a her prince would save her the trouble and buy her something with a little more power.

When finally the day arrived, the yard was conquered and the couple and their dog looked at their home with pride.  The end.


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  1. It is BEAUTIFUL Whitney! Hope I can get thee to see it for real!! Are you going to talk your hubby into a HUGE porch all along the front?? I love porches - wish I had one!!! Jess


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