Meghan+Joe: The Wedding (International Wedding Photography)

As Tri and I got on the plane to visit our third country this year, it dawned on me that I'm getting older.  It seems like only yesterday Joe and I were headed to our first day of Preschool together in Superior Nebraska.  I've known him my whole life and our families have always been friends.  I have photographs of us together on the first days of school almost every year.  I have photographs of us walking down the aisle together at our high school graduation.  I have photographs of us hanging out together in college.  And now...I get to create beautiful photographs of his wedding.

I've been hearing about this wedding for months.  Ever since he met Meghan, I've noticed a change in Joe.  He's happier.  His smile is bigger, and he lives and breaths to make her happy too.  I had not met her until I arrived in Mexico, and I wasn't sure what to expect.  I'd heard all about his plans to propose to her in Disney World.  I'd heard about their adventures living in Florida and now in Ohio.  I'd heard about their plans to marry on the beach, but I'd never met the girl he had been living his life with.  

I should have known he'd have good taste.  Meghan might be the most relaxed, easy going, down to earth, totally awesome girl I've ever met.  She is beautiful from the inside out and I am so happy that my friend found himself someone so amazing to make his wife.  I am even happier that I was there to witness them proclaim their love and even shed a tear or two as they exchanged their vows.  Joe and Meghan, I wish you nothing but the most wonderful life together.  I love you both, and I hope these images will make you smile in 50 years when you're remembering your wedding day.  


  1. What a beautiful wedding and bride! WOW! Gorgeous location. Great job Whitney!

  2. jealous of her wedding..gahh awesomesauce :)

  3. I needa vacation there. beautiful job Whitney.


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