Some time for us, some time for weddings.

As the last few months of our wedding season begins, Tri and I took some time off to enjoy the company of family and friends from our life in Nebraska.  My parents visited for the first time, my very best friend from Kansas came to visit, a long lost friend from Chicago came down, and Tri's best man from our wedding stopped by after a deployment in Greece.  We even finished painting our downstairs, although it still looks a little bare.  Time to head over to Ikea :).  It's been a great, busy few weeks.  Now we are getting back into work mode and excitement over the upcoming wedding on our calendar.  There are still a few dates available, so please contact me if you would like us to reserve one for you!

August 21st - Tennessee Wedding with Found Lovely    
September 4th-5th - Andrew and Lena's carnival engagement in Portland Maine
September 10th - Tennessee Wedding  with Found Lovely
September 11th - Tennessee Engagement Shoot
September 17th-19th - Joe and Meghann's Wedding in Mexico
October 1st - Anna and Brian's Wedding in Georgia
October 8-10th - Mellissa and Dan's Wedding in Washington DC
October 14th - Mandy and Justin Engagement Shoot in Georgia
October 21-23rd - Valerie and Brian Pillow Fight Engagement in Chicago

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  1. Yay for our engagement shoot!!!! I am so freaking excited!!! Love you!


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