Megan + Ben

Megan and Ben are one of the sweetest couples I have had the chance to work with.  They are planning a beautiful July wedding in Maine.  Here is their story. 

Ben and I are originally from Maine.

I am a small town girl and met him when I went to high school in the "city". 
We became great friends and shared a passion for music. Timing never quite worked out for us
to be a couple. 

He moved to Atlanta, GA after graduation, while I was ina long term relationship. Three years after graduation, Ben contacted me to let me know about a recent success he had with music, interning with Q100's The Bert Show and recording his first 2 singles at Red Bulls Studios. He was living out a dream we had talked about as teens and wanted to share it with me. 

I had just gotten out of my long term relationship and moved back home.  I was having a hard time, but Ben saved me. We kept talking on the phone and I was able to gain happiness again through his successes. Six months after we started talking again I went on vacation to visit him.  We had the best time together and one week after I got back to Maine from Georgia...

... I packed my life in my car and left to live in the South.  It was such an exciting adventure.  This was in January of 2009.  After moving there, we were able to explore a new side of our relationship.  What started as a friendship blossomed into a romance and on July 7th of 2010 Ben proposed to me at the Atlanta Airport, the
exact spot of our first kiss. 

Ben works the night shift for NBC, I thought he had left for work when I was on the way to the Airport to pick up my best friend from Maine ... but Ben did not go into work ... he was waiting for me at the top of the escalator at the airport! It was the most amazing weekend of my life!! We planned to get married Sept. 3rd 2011, but my brother got his orders for the US Air Force and he leaves for deployment in August. Our new wedding date is July 7th
2012!!  We couldn't be happier.  This is our love story.  


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